• Is GameScribes a new company?

    No, GameScribes is simply the new name for GTL Media — a company that’s been around for nine great years.

    GTL Media was created in 2009 when the founders extricated the games division from SDI Media. This allowed them to gain the creative and business freedom to build a game focused company passionate about more than the bottom line. 2015 was an amazing year for us, which prompted us to rebrand in 2016 as our company is expanding.

  • Is GTL Media dead?

    Just the name. From now on GTL Media will be known as GameScribes.

  • Why did you change your name from GTL Media to GameScribes?

    GTL stood for Game Translation and Localization — but it started to feel a bit corporate for a company in the fun, cutting edge gaming space. With GameScribes, we give potential clients a little more insight into what we do and can focus exclusively on our true passion — games.

  • Has there been a change in management?

    Absolutely not. Our CEO Philippe Erwin and Head of Production William Farrell are all still here in their same positions.

  • What about my Account Manager or Project Manager? Are they still there?

    If you’ve worked with us recently, then yes, your same Account and Project Managers are all still here. If it’s been a few years our experienced team will be happy to welcome you back!

  • Are you a gaming studio now?

    GameScribes is still a localization and translation company. We won’t be making any games, but we do work with some great game development studios who are also a part of our corporate umbrella. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us!

  • So, your services won’t be changing?

    Correct. We’ll be offering the same great game translation, audio translation, and quality assurance services we always have.

  • Will your prices change?

    Just as our services are not changing, neither are our base prices. We take pride in being among the most competitively priced localization companies in the business.

  • Will you work with non-gaming clients?

    Yes… but not at GameScribes. GameScribes will be focusing exclusively on video games from now on. For any companies outside of the gaming space interested in our localization services, please contact our team at GoGTL.

  • Are you still located in Los Angeles?

    Yes, we are still headquartered in Los Angeles. We also have teams in North Carolina and the Spanish Canary Islands to ensure we can work with as many domestic and international clients as possible.

  • Will my Project Manager be moving to a new office?

    We will be adding PMs in both new locations over time, but your Los Angeles PM is staying in Los Angeles.

  • Will your Invoicing information change?

    For now this is just a branding change, the registered company name is still GTL Media, so no change is needed for invoicing/billing or contractual reasons.