GameScribes at E3 2018


It’s that time again!

E3 is our favorite hometown show and our team looks forward to it every year. We know how busy it can be for everyone in the industry, but we still love making time to meet with our clients and friends!

The GameScribes team will be out at the convention center in force and it’s a great time to catch up on the projects we’ve recently worked on or just wrapped, as well as talk about any upcoming localization and QA needs.

Available for meetings this E3:

Philippe Erwin — President / Founder,
William Farrell — VP of Production / Founder,
Krissie King — Business Development LA,
Nasooha Junaidean — Project Manager,
Geoff Field — Project Manager / QA Lead,
Emily Kelley Kunin — Creative Production / Marketing,

You can also reach us via our Contact pageWe cannot wait to see everyone at the show!