Proprietary Tools

Exclusive to GameScribes

We offer our clients access to our proprietary project management and translation tools. Along with a dedicated project manager, these tools allow for a smooth localization process, no matter the scale of the game.


Our intuitive client project portal allows you access to the management of all your projects, past and present.
  • Track and store information for Tasks, Sales Quotes, and Accounts Payable Invoices.
  • Create custom reports based on the project assignments or financial data through the use of numerous filters, and export all data to Excel.
  • View all past and present projects, and all related financial information, including what invoices are currently due.  You can also update your profile information directly in the tool.
  • Notification and Alerts allow you to see all updates to any project you are associated with.


GameScribes has developed our own proprietary Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tool with the following features:

  • Works with files from multiple text-editable formats to allow translators to use a simple 2-column Source and Target translation system to work within, then export the final translations back out to the original format
  • Analyzes files to generate accurate word and character counts within several different categories, such as duplicate text, unique text, fuzzy matches, TM matches, etc.
  • Maintains consistent terminology through the Termbase Glossary feature, where translators and editors will have glossary terms highlighted for them in the source text they are currently working on and see additional information and previously used terms in a convenient side panel.