Quality Assurance

To close the loop and guarantee the local user experience you have worked so hard to achieve is realized, we offer various types of quality assurance.

Localization QA

Our native language testers go through your ship-ready, localized builds to catch any text implementation bugs and polish any contextual rough edges in the text.

We can manage the testing at our location or, if preferred, our testers can work alongside your team at your location.

Linguistic QA

We provide linguistic review services for content created elsewhere; we can report or directly fix issues depending on your requirements.

A great service if you have crowdsourced your translations.

Functionality QA

While our primary focus is localization, we do offer functionality QA for clients that want a one-stop QA provider. Our lead and functionality testers are trained to report in all popular bug databases, whether you prefer JIRA, Mantis or Bugzilla, and we can work within your database or setup one of our own for you.

Compatibility QA

Depending on the target territory, your game may be required to run on many devices not seen in your home country. Through our network of international testing partners we can make sure your game works on every popular local device.