Quality Assurance Testing

We offer full coverage to meet all of your quality assurance testing needs. Choose from one or more of our testing options below.

Localization QA

Our onsite professional linguists play through your localized builds to ensure that the localized text and audio are implemented and displaying correctly, are free of any translation mistakes, and are all contextually appropriate. We support all current platforms and genres, and staff linguists for all major languages.

Prefer to have linguists work onsite at your location for either convenience or security? We can arrange for our linguists to work directly onsite with your team.

Functionality QA

We provide comprehensive testing on all current platforms to seek out and document all functional bugs. Whether you use JIRA, Mantis, Bugzilla or any other software, our testers can work directly in your bug database, or we can host our own bug database and provide your producers full access. Let us help you make sure your players are falling in love, and not falling through the world. 

Compliance QA

We are licensed developers with Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Apple and Android, and our first party compliance experts will ensure your game is following the relevant programming guidelines by completing the appropriate compliance testing checklists.

Mobile Compatibility

Your mobile game may behave quite differently across the various iOS and Android devices. We have a robust testing suite that covers a vast range of GPU, CPU and screen resolution combinations to ensure your title’s performance is stable across the most popular devices.