Voice Over & Dubbing

We have built a vast network of actors and directors as passionate about video games as we are. Along with our own studio facilities in Los Angeles, our partnerships across the globe allow us to meet all VO and Dubbing needs at competitive rates.

Script Adaptation

It’s important that voice over recording scripts are prepared properly and contain all necessary information to ensure productive and time-efficient recording sessions. We can collate and adapt the materials and scripts you have available to make sure the actors, director and engineer have all the proper character information, context, file names, and other critical information in a user-friendly template that makes it easy to track as-recorded dialogue, saving you time in post-production and helping you avoid text continuity issues.

Talent and Direction

We can provide celebrity talent, certified studio talent, or cast a project from scratch due to our large pool of voice actors, existing across all major territories. We negotiate pricing with talent agents, coordinate with unions, and provide casting samples or run live casting sessions, as required.

Our in-territory directors manage your recordings from pre-production to final delivery, ensuring that your local players provide exactly what you need.


Whether you just need the standard cleaning, balancing and converting, or a full mix with music and effects, our world-class sound engineers will ensure that your project matches all of your technical requirements, that all time constraints or lip synchronization has been followed, and save you both time and money when it comes to implementing the voice tracks and testing your in-game audio.